June News

Have you registered your details with us on our FREE microchip / freeze mark database? Details you provide will be retained by West Mercia Horse Watch and shared with West Mercia Police for the purpose of identifying ownership in incidents such as loose, stray, stolen horses. See the website ‘downloads’ section for the form to complete and return. Don’t be ‘saddled’ a victim.. www.westmerciahorsewatch.co.uk

Coming soon…!! Horse Watch is soon to launch ‘Trailer Watch’ as part of our scheme. Register your trailer / horsebox with the scheme and obtain a security skin that can be applied in a covert or overt location with your details contained, only visible under UV light. Officers carry UV torches as part of their equipment – if your horsebox / trailer is seen in suspicious circumstances or travelling at strange hours of the night, officers can make immediate checks by viewing the security skin and checking the database. Don’t want to use UV? No problem, other marking options can be used. Further information available in due course.

Do you or someone you know own or run a business? If you are interested in advertising with us please get in touch. You are able to advertise on the website itself, the facebook page and group and have opportunites to come along to and advertise at events we hold or attend. We will direct people straight to your business site from the front page of our website via an easy to see icon. Any suggestions to add? Contact us at HorseWatch@westmercia.pnn.police.uk or visit the website at www.westmerciahorsewatch.co.uk

Keep up to date with events across the area – check out the events section (under More) for details when we are near you.

Want to hold a property & tack marking session at your yard or business? Are you holding an event that you would like Horse watch to attend and offer some crime prevention advice, all weather signs, rug patches, smartwater and more? Contact us at horsewatch@westmercia.pnn.police.uk to see how we can support you.

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