After much research and debate, I have finally sourced a Fetlock ID Band made of Nylon webbing. They are durable, visible and safe to use. Each band would be embroidered with WMHW and a UNIQUE REFERENCE NUMBER that will be registered to you and the details you supply. This will be held on a database that would be shared with police in order that if your horse is found loose, the number can be checked at the scene and will allow owners to be identified and contacted immediately. This would look to reunite horse and owner rather than utilising an equine bailiff who is often used when no owner can be identified.

Placement of the Fetlock ID band: You can place your Fetlock ID band on either the cannon bone (above the Fetlock) or on pastern of your equine. Safe to wear 24/7 with approximately 32lbs breakaway, double closure hook and loop, it can be worn during all types of activities without causing movement infringements.

Small: Mini’s, ponies, small Arabians
Standard: Most all other breeds
XL/Draft: Most large breed horses/ drafts and draft X’s

Secure Information
No irritation

Water Resistant
Quick release
Variety of uses
No hair loss

COST: Naturally these are not so cheap as the hospital type ID bands I originally sought to use. Based on the advantages and benefits listed above, these would be a far better solution and means of ID. I would most likely look to source sizes of Standard and XL and would be priced at £20 each. We are not making a profit on these – it is an American company and prices are reduced already for us based on bulk purchase and there is also a cost to ship. We are looking at a timeframe of 8-12 weeks from placing the order.

Is this something that you feel would benefit you as members? The real benefit is having your unique number allocated against your details on a WMHW database accessible by police in times of need!

An idea of if these are worth it would be welcomed. Thanks all!


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