Horse Watch welcomes a new sponsor

We are pleased to welcome a new sponsor to Horse Watch: Solar Technology International.

They have four products that provide solar powered solutions for equestrians:

1. SolarHub 16 & 64 – Provide bright indoor LED strip lighting for stables, tack rooms and outbuildings. (Winner of the BETA International Innovation Award 2015)

2. SolarMate Secure Professional Security Light – a motion activated security light for year round use, perfect for the stable yard, outside a tack room.

3. SolarMate Arena Light – Provides outdoor lighting for maneges. They are taking pre-orders for this product which will be available a little later this year. (Winner of the BETA International Innovation Award 2016)

The real benefit in all the above is that they are simple to install and use and do not require an electricity supply, which makes them perfect for countryside locations where no grid power is available.

Take a look at their website for more information.

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